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[IP] questions form a nervous newbie

Does anyone here use Humalog insulin in their pump?  I've been using 
Humalog, but I'll be starting the pump this week and read that you're 
supposed to use regular.  I'm wondering if I should call the nurse for a 
prescriotion of Regular?  My doc is out of town and I never get to talk 
to a real person when I call the office, so I figured it would be easier 
to ask for input from the list.  The pump came in the mail today.  I 
noticed that you can buy all these accessories for it... I know this 
sounds trivial, but I was wondering how you all wear your pumps.  They 
have waist bands and thigh bands that I thought might be good for when I 
don't have pockets or wear a dress or something?  But I'm not sure if 
they actually work... Also, where in the world does all that tubing go?  
In your pocket?  I've heard that usualy people are put on the pump with 
saline for a short period, but has anyone gone directly to pumping with 
insulin?  Is this safe?  I'd like to just skip the saline routine, but 
don't want to be irrational and impatient.  Thanks.

Julie Britt

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