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[IP] High, then low

Okay, I have read every thing (digest form) that everyone has been saying
about the lasting effects of Humalog.  However, with regards to my low
without warning I have been on humalog since it came out (9 months on pump,
the rest on MDI with N).  For me Humalog works very quickly and also leaves
very quickly.  If I am high 2 hours after a bolus, and do not take more
insulin I will be really really high within another hour or so.  This is
usually of course and the other day it was not the usual occurrence which is
why it threw me for a loop.

Also, John I think you might be right that the stress of my daughter being
diagnosed (age 6) with asthma and pretty acute (right word?) probably had a
lot to do with my sugar plummeting.

Anyway this is definitely one of those YMMV issues.


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