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Re: [IP] sucralose

Heres a perfect example of why I try and make it a habit to test 2 hours
after a Bolus. I was at work tonight and ate a little snack. I bolused
for the Carbs and off I went about my business. I missed the 2 hour
check point by 15 minutes and when I did test was at 57. With only 2
hours of a Bolus under my belt I knew I was in trouble. I can always
'tell' a low is coming but now I cant seem to tell till Im in the low
50's where when I was outta control on injections I could feel low at
180 <LOL> Anyway... It gave me time to adjust and avoid a major problem.
It seems 'with me' testing at that 1.5 to 2 hour mark after a bolus is
critical. Then I can judge if Im alittle High Im ok.. I know I have some
room to fall as the 'food' is almost used.  If I am lower than my
normal, I know I might eat a bit more or something... Seems to be a good
system and helps me avoid alot of problems... I usually avoid doing a
'high bg' bolus until at least 3 hours after any bolus. Try and make
sure Im only dealing with the Basel Insulin.  "Again YMMV" just sharing
how 'I' work.


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