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[IP] Highs then lows -UnUsed insulin


I don't know where you got your chart.  I created a similar
chart by integrating the package insert which comes with
Humalog.  When I used their data, I get numbers slightly
slower in activation than yours (my 66% Unused point is more
like 80 mins., rather than 60 mins.).  My body seems to
follow my numbers pretty well, but I'm not sensitive enough
to distriguish between what you say and what Lilley says.


Personally I have a chart that I use on 'un'used Insulin.
There are 2
different kinds of charts, one for R and I have one for
Humalog. Its
based on a easy Formula.
Take original Bolus amount and at HALF HOUR after bolus 83%

1  HOUR after bolus 66% is UNUSED

1.5 HOURS after bolus 50% is UNUSED

2 HOURS after bolus 33% is UNUSED

2.5 HOURS after bolus 17% is UNUSED
my .02 :)

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