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Re: [IP] High, then Low

> I know that for me, I won't know the full extent of my BG lowering
> from Humalog for 4 hours. If I measure at 2 hours, and find my BG
> high, and take another bolus (or shot), I likely will overestimate
> how much is needed (if at all), and then crash
> Walsh and Roberts deal with this issue in Chapter 12 of Pumping
> Insulin where they discuss the "unused insulin rule" which says that
> 16% to 20% of an insulin bolus will be used each hour.  However,
> this applies to R.  Has anyone, from their own experience,
> constructed an unused insulin rule for H?

A pretty good estimate can be made from the insulin activity curve 
that comes with the Humalog package. You get roughly 33% per hour for 
the first 2 hours, after that the remaining is stretched over another 
2 to 3 hours in a half life manner. i.e. half or remainder gone in 
3rd hour, half of remaining remainder  in 4th, etc.... we're 
talking only residual amounts at this point so for normal purposes it 
is not worth counting.

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