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Re: [IP] High, then Low


Check the Insulin Pumpers web page - click on the HowTo link, then scroll
down to "Other HowTo's" and click on the HowTo Deal With High Blood Sugar.
It links to the updated 1500 / 1800 rule from Walsh and Roberts. This
modified "rule" serves as a good starting point for many pumpers using Humalog.

Neal wrote:

>I know that for me, I won't know the full extent of my BG lowering from
>Humalog for 4 hours. If I measure at 2 hours, and find my BG high, and
>take another bolus (or shot), I likely will overestimate how much is
>needed (if at all), and then crash
>Walsh and Roberts deal with this issue in Chapter 12 of Pumping Insulin
>where they discuss the "unused insulin rule" which says that 16% to 20% of
>an insulin bolus will be used each hour.  However, this applies to R.  Has
>anyone, from their own experience, constructed an unused insulin rule for H?

Bob Burnett

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