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Re: [IP] One year!

Michael wrote:
> Although not a scientific audit, the evidence is clear enough 
> that the MAJORITY of pumpers experience an overall improvement that 
> is dramatic enough (with corresponding decline in long term 
> complications) to warrant consideration of pump treatment for 

I don't agree with your broad claim that everyone might see improvements
with pumping. To pump successfully you must be motivated and diligent.
It takes care. And only then are the good results delivered. In that
messy old world out there, plenty of people with diabetes are barely
organised enough to remember to take two injections a day. Sad though it
is, some just don't want the responsibility of controlling their bg
themselves. On this list, and so on the survey, we do not represent a
true cross section of society, either in income or education. A good
doctor finds the best treatment plan to fit the ability and aspirations
of each patient. For many, that remains MDI. For most on this list, it's
pumping. Like you, I shall continue to evangelise, but I take care not
to overstate the case.

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