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Re: [IP] Low without Warning

Leslie Bagwill wrote:
> what was happening.  Well, after delays in the doctor's office and then
> listening to everything the doctor was telling me about my daughter's new
> diagnosis of asthma I realized I was getting spacy and told the doctor I
> needed some thing sweet.  I was so spacy I couldn't find my dex tabs which
> were in the pocket of my coat!  They tested me and I was 27.  I basically


I find that mildly stressful situations can make my bg drop for no
apparent reason. Job interviews, waiting in doctors surgerys... those
normal sort of things. I've learnt to keep my bg a shade higher in these

Major stress makes my bg rise, like a very bad argument or a terrible
day at work. But it's curious how the minor stuff can make it drop.
Presumably there are conflicting things going on in the body's dynamic
equilibrium controlled by the whole hormone system. And you have to
guess which way it's going to go...

I find alcohol can have a similar unpredictable effect - either a rise
or a fall. And then there's the funny old bg plunge you get with sex.

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