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Re: [IP] finally.....it's here......

>  I had to stop taking my U and adjust my
>night sugars/insulin dose through the use of R.  So I wouldn't be 
>insulin into me on top of the U that hadn't left my system...  

Another thing you could do is do a temporary basel decrease for a day or 
so until the U is gone.  I would say if you are willing to experiment, 
and test REALLY OFTEN, go ahead and start yourself.  There are a lot of 
sites about how to start your basel rates; something about taking half 
of you total insulin now, and doing something(don't quote me on this).  
People here can tell you around what their basels are and their weight 
etc.  I am 17, about 140#, and mine are around .8 to 1.1 throughout the 
day.  Take into accout the Dawn phenomonen, if it happens to you--I 
personally have to lower my basels in the early hours or I crash. 

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