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Re: [IP] questions

> I have just started pumping with the disetronic H-tronplus.  Could
> someone respond to the following (naive, I know) questions?

> 2) I am using the tender infusion set.  Are you supposed to set the
> pump to "stop" before quick releasing? 
Not really, if you allow the pump to run, the small amount of insulin 
will prevent air from backing up into the tube (also a small amount) 
it is really a matter of preference. With the MM, it beeps if 
stopped, so it is more convenient (and quieter) to let it run.
> If you don't, doesn't basil
> insulin leak out while you are not connected?  
> Are you supposed to re-prime before reconnecting?
If you let it run, you do not need to.
> 3)  The instructions for the tender say you are supposed to bolus a
> unit after removing the introducer needle to fill up the cannula. 
> Do people do this?  
Yes, the actual amount required is 0.8u (measured by one of the list 
> Do you need to do it again after disconnecting?
No, the cannula remains full of insulin and is sealed when the tube 
is disconnected. No reconnect prime is necessary unless air is in the 
tube, IN WHICH CASE the prime should be done prior to reconnecting to 
push out the air.
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