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Re: [IP] finally.....it's here......

> In a message dated 98-12-17 15:48:55 EST, you write:
>  Do you think it's safe to start using it without an official
>  training session first?  >>

If you really want to do something useful, stop your N or U insulin 
and replace it with basal amounts of regular. Follow the instructions 
in pumping insulin or on the web site for determining your basal 
rate. You will need an injection of basal regular every 4 to 5 hours, 
and you can use H for meals. The switch to pumping once this is 
completed will be relatively easy. Once over a three day weekend, my 
daughter used exactly this method when her pump was being repaired 
and she did not wish to use any 'N'. She continued her routine 
exactly as if she were pumping, providing her basal insulin with R 
and bolusing for her meals. She did not return to the pre-pump, 
routine of sleep, test, shoot, eat, snack, etc..... and her bg's were 
as good as pump therapy (with a little more work of course).

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