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[IP] questions

I have just started pumping with the disetronic H-tronplus.  Could someone
respond to the following (naive, I know) questions?

1)    The manual says you can recall the total amount of insulin pumped
since midnight by pressing "S" until you get 3 cursors pointing to the U/h,
B and temporary basil rate symbols.  I do this and I get a number that I
believe is the total insulin dosage at the bottom of the screen, but this
number is always a whole number.  My basil rate is in .1 units so shouldn't
the total pumped since midnight also be displayed in tenths?

2) I am using the tender infusion set.  Are you supposed to set the pump to
"stop" before quick releasing?  If you don't, doesn't basil insulin leak out
while you are not connected?  Are you supposed to re-prime before

3)  The instructions for the tender say you are supposed to bolus a unit
after removing the introducer needle to fill up the cannula.  Do people do
this?  Do you need to do it again after disconnecting?

Thank anyone who answers.


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