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[IP] pump approval

I got a phone call today that my pump has been authorized, and since my 
mom told them she would pay extra, they're shipping it overnight.  I'm 
very excited.  The man who called said he was from insulin infusion 
specialists, has anyone heard of them?  I called mini-med to get things 
started, and then got a call from this guy, and I'm wondering how 
they're connected.  Some people have told me I have to meet with the 
mini-med rep, and then with the nurse, but others have said I only had 
to get trained at the doctor's office.  It seems no two people have the 
same answer.  I'm in a bit of a rush, because I have to go back to 
school Jan 8, and my doc said everything could be set up by then...I was 
hoping to have a little time to experiment before I go.  I'm wondering 
what I can do or who I call to figure this out and maybe set up whatever 
meetings are needed.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.  
We're very confused.

Julie Britt

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