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Re: [IP] finally.....it's here......

In a message dated 98-12-17 15:48:55 EST, you write:

<< Ok,
 now what?  My training sessions have yet to be set up, so now I have this
 really neat new toy, and I'm not sure what the first step should be.  I'll
 probably spend the afternoon looking through the literature.  What advice
 can you give me about the first few days?  Do you think it's safe to start
 using it without an official training session first?  >>
DO NOT START USING IT ON YOUR OWN. Play the video, read the user's manual,
insert the batteries and learn to use the functions.  You need to learn the
technical aspects, anyway. You will be further ahead and wow the training team
when you       finally get the appointment set up.
Barbara B.
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