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Re: [IP] finally.....it's here......

Don't try to start yourself without the training.  Your pump trainer will have
to figure out for you what you should set your basal rates for, and what ratio
of insulin will properly adjust your sugars, and so on and so forth.  I was
told that I wasn't approved for the pump through Mini Med, and then 2 weeks
later I had a representative from a distributor calling me to find out what
color pump I wanted...  Go figure, stupid insurance company...  Anyway,
grateful that I got it, I to was eager to start but it took me 2 weeks before
I could get in for the training.  I had to stop taking my U and adjust my
night sugars/insulin dose through the use of R.  So I wouldn't be pumping
insulin into me on top of the U that hadn't left my system...  Its more
complicated than it looks, yet so simple.. LOL Just be patient, soon enough
this new pump will be connected to your body, and never leave your side (kind
of like growing a new arm).  I say read all the info, and watch the video, and
get yourself scheduled for the training...
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