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RE: [IP] Low without Warning


I agree with you totally.  Diabetes will never be exact, because with all
treatment we are making our best educated GUESSES. Yes, guesses.  Granted
those guesses we make are well thought out ones, but like you said,
sometimes our bodies just do the unexpected.  I urge people to do the very
best you can and work with your health care team, but DO NOT beat yourselves
up - this is a tough disease to tackle each day.  If a cancer patient goes
to his doctor and has tests that show his disease is spreading, the doctor
and the patient's family are not going to yell at him or chastise him for
not taking better care of himself.  Why should anyone do that to us when we
are doing our best and still have problems with our diabetes?  Thank you for
the example you wrote on your note.

Judy Goetsch(email @ redacted)

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> Okay, I thought this might help Emily feel a little better about her low.
> Since I started on the pump (9 months ago) I have not had any lows that I
> could not take care of myself by myself -- that is until yesterday.  I
> changed my set shortly before lunch and bolused for lunch, prime, etc.
> (around noon) then at 2:00 p.m. I tested and I was 269.  I thought I might
> have a problem with the new set but it wasn't hurting or anything so I
> decided to take a high sugar bolus and bringing supplies left to take my
> daughter to a 2:30 doctor's appt. figuring I would test about 3:00 and see
> what was happening.  Well, after delays in the doctor's office and then
> listening to everything the doctor was telling me about my daughter's new
> diagnosis of asthma I realized I was getting spacy and told the doctor I
> needed some thing sweet.  I was so spacy I couldn't find my dex tabs which
> were in the pocket of my coat!  They tested me and I was 27.  I basically
> shut the clinic down while they helped me and because of
> confusion then had
> to have them re-explain everything to me about my daughter.  The bolus I
> took for the high sugar (269) was only 3.0 units (1:50 ratio)  I
> should not
> have gone down to 27 and being that was taken 2 hours after the
> lunch bolus
> that humalog should not have still been working, at least not usually for
> me.  Needless to say things happen without us having any control
> over them.
> I should have tested sooner and seen that I was crashing.  However, things
> happen and sometimes you just don't do what you should have done.
>  Hindsight
> is always 20/20.  Just my .02.
> Leslie
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