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Re: [IP] finally.....it's here......

At 12:49 PM 12/17/1998  Debbie Sunday wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>First of all, let me apologize for cross-posting to 2 lists, but I need all
>the help I can get.  Federal Express delivered my brand new blue Minimed
>507c insulin pump this morning, along with a year's worth of supplies.  Ok,
>now what?  My training sessions have yet to be set up, so now I have this
>really neat new toy, and I'm not sure what the first step should be.  I'll
>probably spend the afternoon looking through the literature.  What advice
>can you give me about the first few days?  Do you think it's safe to start
>using it without an official training session first?  I've been really
>excited about this for a long time, and since the insurance authorization
>took quite a while, a part of me thought I'd never really get a pump.  Now
>that I have one in my hot little hands, I'm beginning to feel nervous and
>anxious.  I'd appreciate all the cybersupport you can give me as I begin on
>my new adventure.  Thanks in advance and e-mail me privately if you feel
>posting to the list would be redundant.  Have a glorious day!

I understand the excitement, after getting the pump. I got mine about 3-4
weeks before I was officially installed. It was hard to wait... but I
decided that it would be best to get the help of medical professionals
during the switch from MDI to pumping. I had used the services of a CDE
(Certified Diabetic Educator) who was trained on the pump. They showed me
how to set the pump up and how to use and insert the infusion sets. My endo
helped set up my initial basals. Having a support team behind you helps
calm the initial anxiety that we all feel when making such a major change.
Of course, this list is here for you too.

I would advise talking to your medical support team to determine your next
steps. They will help you over the transition period and make sure things
go as smoothly as possible. This is especially important during the first
week or so. You'll need help tweaking basals and determining your
carb/bolus ratios, etc. You'll also need help as far as knowing what to do
if something goes wrong.

Best of luck... 


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