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Re: [IP] High, then Low

At 12:39 PM 12/17/1998  SRB wrote:
>Personally I have a chart that I use on 'un'used Insulin. There are 2
>different kinds of charts, one for R and I have one for Humalog. Its
>based on a easy Formula.
>Take original Bolus amount and at HALF HOUR after bolus 83% is UNUSED
>1  HOUR after bolus 66% is UNUSED
>1.5 HOURS after bolus 50% is UNUSED
>2 HOURS after bolus 33% is UNUSED
>2.5 HOURS after bolus 17% is UNUSED
>my .02 :)

Although these ratios may work well for you, please keep in mind that each
person is very different. Some people will use Humalog much more quickly
than this and will have much lower amounts unused at each of these times...
others use Humalog much more slowly and will have much higher amounts
unused. So, everyone will have to use their own values.


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