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[IP] Shoulds

Fortunately, I learned long time ago to eliminate 
should, could, would, from my vocabulary.  Takes a little adjustment
when you begin talking without those words - ex:  OLD: I should not
eat this much Godiva.  NEW: I will (or will not) eat this much Godiva.
OLD: Maybe I could do this or that to get this or that - NEW: I can
do this and get that..
OLD: If I would eat less spaghetti, I would lose weight.  NEW: I will
eat less............etc, 

Sometimes I have to think hard about whether or not I will make a
committment to do whatever I should or could, etc.  The positive
statement and committement instead of the wishy/washy shoulda',
coulda', woulda, has made a big difference in my life as far as
committments and removed most guilt, which is a useless emotion.  

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