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At 07:33 AM 12/17/1998  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
>> This nonsense does not belong on this website.
>Why?  I believe some of us appreciate information like this and I thought
>everyone had a right to express, share what they wanted.  How do you know
>it's nonsense?

I think the main objections is that this note is based on scare-tactics and
is not based on any scientific studies. Yes, people have the right to
express their personal beliefs, as long as it's relevant to the objectives
of this list. However, if something is stated as fact that is not
verifiable, it should also be subject to serious question by people on this

This topic has been ferociously and very emotionally debated on one of the
diabetes newsgroups for many years (i.e. brutal flame wars). Because of
this, the discussion of this topic has been limited in one of the other
Diabetes email-lists (email @ redacted). If it promotes flaming on this
list, I believe that it needs to be limited here too. The bottom line is
that in all the argument, there has never been any objective, repeatable,
scientific proof of any of these claims. It is my personal feeling that
scaring people based on old, un-verified claims is not useful here. (Just
my 2cents worth)


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