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Re: [IP] Low without Warning

> have gone down to 27 and being that was taken 2 hours after the lunch bolus
> that humalog should not have still been working, at least not usually for
> me.  Needless to say things happen without us having any control over them.

Exactly!  Another perfect example how diabetes is not black and white

> I should

Should, BAD WORD! :-)  Yes, I use it all the time too, but it truly is a bad
word.  We can only do the best we can with what we have.  We can go along
thinking, hey were doing everything "right", life is good, and then just like
your example, out of know where we get hit

> have tested sooner and seen that I was crashing.  However, things
> happen and sometimes you just don't do what you should have done.  Hindsight
> is always 20/20.  Just my .02.

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