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Re: [IP] New Pump

> Michael,
> Congrats on the new pump authorization.  I was just curious as to
> what it took to get a replacement pump approved.  Is it as difficult
> as the first go around?  Do you have to have authorization from the
> doctor, etc.  I've had my pump for 1-1/2 years now and I believe it
> has a 4 year warranty, but I was just curious as to what would be
> involved after the 4 years and should something go wrong with it.

Lily's pump clip slot became deformed to the point that even a brand 
new clip would not stay in. She wore it around for a couple of months 
with rubber bands holding the clip and pump together. I contacted MM 
and related the problem, they sent an insurance authorization form 
and handled all the paper work including letter of necessity from 
Lily's doc. The whole process took about 5 - 6 weeks. During the 
process, the edge of one of the UP:DOWN buttons began to peel away 
from the face of the pump, exposing the electrical circuitry 
underneath. This did not cause a malfunction, but I imagine that if 
it got wet, all h..l would break loose. Anyway, the old pump still 
functions, with rubber bands and leaky buttons. Lily has been using 
the new 507C since this Sunday. We are insured with Blue Shield of 
California on a ppo plan.

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