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This has been discussed at length in many different forums. In any
discussion that I've seen, there has never been any scientific studies that
have backed up these claims. There is a lot of hearsay evidence in this
paper, but that is not science. Vague re-reporting of newspaper articles,
testimonials and congressional statements are not proof of anything, except
the belief of some individuals. Books written by people with a "Dr." in
front of their name mean nothing, except that they are trying to sell their
books. True science is written in peer-reviewed journals. 

I didn't see anything here that showed (except in the title) that either
the FDA or the EPA is really alarmed by the alleged dangers of Nutrasweet.
I am further confused as to why is the EPA would be involved in this kind
of thing in the first place. (This topic does not exactly seem to fit in
the area of environmental protection).

The anti-aspartame people have, for years, mounted what feels like a
religious crusade against Nutrasweet (etc.) There is lots of
scientific-like talk, but no real scientific studies to back up claims. In
almost every case, I've seen the parallel advocacy for Stevia as the answer
for replacing aspartame. On the other hand, many people that have tried
Stevia have complained about the strong licorice aftertaste. There is
actually another product that, I recall reading, has recently been approved
called Splenda (sucralose). This artificial sweetener does not break down
with heat and is widely available in Canada. A few soft-drinks have just
started to appear in US with Splenda. 

My personal view is, that as far as the Insulin Pumpers list is concerned,
aspartame battles are better fought elsewhere.


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