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RE:[IP] Bill of Rights/ Getting UGLY AT SCHOOL~~~


I just read your post at IP. I have three numbers for you to keep in

Contact your school distrIcts 504 coordinator and have your daughter's needs
addresSed in an accomodation plan..Once you request this, they have 30 days to
meet and set up this plan for your daughter.

We had similar issues at our school and went through the chain of command. My
husband and I landed up meeting with our school superintendent and our school
physician, along with the school nurse to set up a plan for our 8 yo son. (I
think the trick was that we  invited your school physician along)Now whenever
anyone gives us any grief about Chris' testing, we just tell them to talk to
their boss.

Chris, BTW, keeps his meter with  him at all times and has a tupperware box in
his classroom that contains a one way container for lancets,some juicy juice
and glucose tablets to treat lows, along with an extra calculator to help him
claculate his boluses. His teacher has learned all the procedures to help
supervise, and chris now goes to the nurses station only when he's sick or if
he wants to.

I also had some online parents write letters to our superintendent stating why
it was important for chris to have his equipment accessible at all time, so if
you need that, let me know and i'll gladly write a letter for you!!

Good Luck!!

Mary DeMello,
Mom to chris, 8, on a pump since aug 5, 1998...
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/