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I wanted to respond to the "religious" issue.

Personally, I think that EVERY DMer should have a voice and a choice in
their treatment plan and modality. 

There is NO right answer for everyone,  be they Type 1 OR Type 2. This
is not a disease where you can take apill and forget about it!  

Some people consciously CHOOSE "loose" control; sometimes things are so
wacked out in their lives that they just can't handle it. Or they just
don't want to be bothered, and are willing to accept the consequences.
By this, I DON'T mean long-term risks of complications, but the
necessity of planning your life around a shot schedule. 

Others want tighter control, and if that's the case, they they should be
allowed to use or NOT use whatever treatment modality suits them.

I see no point in being evangelistic about the pump -- there are clearly
people who find it unacceptable to have the thing plugged into them all
the time. The best pumper, I think, is the person who WANTS to be a
pumper -- because the pump isn't the perfect answer, either.  

It all boils down to the trade-offs -- which are easier for YOU, and
which are unacceptable. 

For ME, pushing buttons is more acceptable than getting out pens and
taking LOTS of shots.  I don't mind the occasional puncture of the set,
and I don't mind having the pump on me. I LOVE not having to take a
bedtime shot, because my bedtime is so irregular. 

But someone else might think differently. 

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