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Re: misc ramblings (was ->Re: [IP] Will Not Use The Pump.

In a message dated 12/16/98 1:41:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted

<< BUT to use "what may
 happen" to "convince" someone that their daughter made the wrong decision
 is unacceptable........   >>


Are you referring to me making this type of statement?  Never have you or
anyone else ever seen or heard me state that making a decision about trying to
have good control is wrong.

<but only for basals and choose to inject H for bolus.....>

I take my boluses by pump and never need to bring out a syringe.
I am not criticizing your strength of feeling or your ability to maintain good
control by bolusing by syringe.  I can say that because it works for you, I am
glad, but it doesn't work for me nor most if not all of the pumpers out there.
Point of fact. 

By the way, why do you use the pump at all if you feel injections are better
for you?

Good Health and Happiness, Jeff.
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