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Re: [IP] Sites wearing out

On 15 Dec 98 at 12:33, Jack Granowski wrote:

>> I have returned to a doctor that I left (because of insurance).  He was (1 of
>> 3) recommended by the ADA when I first moved to town, 18 years ago.  He >>seems
to delve further into pumps, insulin, etc. and has more opinions than >>other
doctors I've had.  He claims that when the pump first came out that >>regular
insulin worked fine.  Lilly decided, without announcement, to change >>the >>
buffering(?) formula for R.  Pumps had problems causing the advent of >>V.  He
believes they finally changed it back, making R more useable for pumps >>again.
The same thing happened with H. The first pumps that used H, and >>those that used
had H manufactured during the correct time frame, had no >>problems.  The H made
during the wrong period had site problems and >>blocking.  He said that the new
batches no longer have the problem(s).

>I'd question his sources of information.  Generally a change in formulation
>requires a whole new set of trials and approvals.

That's why he's mad, they didn't tell anyone to save money (my opinion).

>I've been using H since it came out and haven't had any problems...
>Randall P. Winchester


The way that I understand it, is that with H configured correctly, there would
still be problems with site deterioration for some pumpers (2%, 5%, 50% ??).  With
the incorrect(?) formula more would have problems (5%, 40% ??).  Last time I
checked, 9% of this list are mixing.  Some may have never gotten the 'bad'
batches, some may have success with either type, while others may have trouble
with the one and not the other.

I am not sure of the dates.  I only know that the vials I had that expired in late
'98 to early '99 had more problems, for me.  The ones that he gave me, and that
I've since gotten from the Rx has expirations in early to mid '00.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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