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Re: [IP] U 500 Insulin

yes, Eli Lilly is the only manufacturer
it's been available for many years now
only comes in regular not humalog
i imagine the greatest problem for you would be the risk of not diluting
properly and overdosing
it is diluted with an insulin diluent
i can not think of why your insurance wouldn't pay.  they may at first balk
but your physician can help you fight them if need.

In a message dated 98-12-15 09:42:22 EST, you write:

 - Is Lilly the only company in the US that sells U 500 insulin ?
 - I have only heard of Regular U 500, not Humalog U 500. Does the latter
 exist ?
 - How long has U 500 insulin been available ?
 - Any problems with it ?
 - What do you dilute it with ?
 - My insurance company is currently paying for 10 vials of Humalog, which is
 more expensive than the U 500 would be. Any reason why they may refuse to
 pay for U 500 ? 
 I would appreciate any information on this.
 Thanks :-)
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