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Re: [IP] Bill of Rights/ Getting UGLY AT SCHOOL~~~


I agree with many of the suggestions that other pumpers have made 
regarding your daughter's situation. So far as employer/employee 
situations go, ADA stipulates that 'reasonable accomodations' must be be 
made by the employer to 'accomodate' requirements of ADA stipulated 
medical conditions, such as doctors visits, BS testing, recovery from 
hypo/hyper glycemia, etc... Diabetes is one of the ADA stipulated 

I am not a lawyer and do not know if the same rules apply under ADA in 
schools. As was suggested before, contact your local ADA affiliate for 
advise on how to proceed with this issue (possibly from a legal 

You need to keep good records of all dialog between you and the school, 
as well as document all situations related to your daughter's 
committment to taking control and staying on top of her diabetes and BS 
related manifestations. The comment the principle of the school made 
that this is 'your problem' to deal with is partially true, BUT in my 
humble opinion the school MUST 'reasonably accomodate' the medical 
requirements of your daughter's diabetic condition under the ADA (to 
allow you and your daughter to manage the problem).

If this were my daughter (who is 8 years old and non-diabetic), I would 
empower myself to send her to school with BS meter, glucose tablets, 
snacks, pump supplies, etc... whatever else she required 'in hand' to 
manage her diabetes effectively.

Not only is this important for your daughter's from a health and well 
being standpoint, but also to learn and do well in school. As an aside, 
it is no different in workplace. I could not function well at all in my 
job position (technical course developer for one of the leading high 
tech companies in the world) if I could not monitor my BS frequently and 
take the necessary action as required throughout the work day/night.

I would also try to work out a compromise with the principle for BS 
testing, even if this involves testing outside of the classroom (like an 
adjacent room) to satisfy his concerns. 

Steve Koretsky
IDDM 23 years
Pump user for over 11 years
* The views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily *
* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
* There's no guarantee on anything said here...
* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 

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