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Re: [IP] (no subject)

At 07:14 PM 12/15/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Dave wrote:
>>Hey Sam,  maybe you can tell me where I fit in with these (bald,
>> glasses, goatee, and a beer gut but not from beer)?  Hint, I'm 6 feet
>> and weigh 165 #, but I still have the gut.  Go figure.
>( 8-)> (~~)     how's that?
>I am: *-)=B xoxx~~[507]
>that is...blood filled eye, cute smile, long graceful neck, droppy boobs, scar
>around my belly button and my 507 attached with short tubing

OK, here is the real me (from the waist up)...
  c        | <~~~~~~~~~[507] 
{{8-o )}=====o
  c        |     
Brown wavy hair (in front, bald spot in the back)... glasses, ears, some
sort of nose, a weird smile with a shortish, gray beard (ho, ho, ho...) My
507 is attached with the long tubing.

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