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Re: [IP] Bill of Rights/ Getting UGLY AT SCHOOL~~~

> Why can't she just be allowed to just go check and take care of her business
> and sit back down without it becoming an ordeal?  I am so frustrated now that
> I want to cry.  I feel like I am always fighting for her rights and it gets
> tiresome after a while.  I know I have touched on this topic before but does
> anyone have any suggestions that he might go for.


You need to be strong here (for a little longer :)  ).  Tell the
principle that his suggestion is not acceptable.  Your daughter will
keep her meter with her at all times.  Perhaps giving her a "fanny pack"
to wear would be a good compromise.  That way you don't have to worry
about others getting into her stuff if it is always "attached" to her. 
Then send your child to school with her supplies and tell her to test
when and where she feels appropriate and necessary.  If the principal
tries to take it away from her, then you need to contact the
superintendant and threaten to make a lot of noise.  The principal's
remark that "it's your problem, not his" is really inflammatory.  I'd be
sure to make a record of that conversation in case you ever need to
refer to it later.

Principal's are not Gods.  They cannot dictate how your daughter will
treat her diabetes at school.  That is what the School Bill of Rights is
for, as well as an IEP or 504 plan.  You really need to get one of these
for your daughter to protect her.

Look at the situation from a different angle.  Instead of doing as the
principal asks and then fighting it, do as YOU think is best and let him
fight it.  Tell him he's going to have to take it to a higher level
because you aren't going to back down.

Kayla's mom

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