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Re: [IP] Sites wearing out

On 15 Dec 98 at 12:33, Jack Granowski wrote:
> I have returned to a doctor that I left (because of insurance).  He was (1 of
> 3) recommended by the ADA when I first moved to town, 18 years ago.  He seems
> to delve further into pumps, insulin, etc. and has more opinions than other
> doctors I've had.  He claims that when the pump first came out that regular
> insulin worked fine.  Lilly decided, without announcement, to change the
> buffering(?) formula for R.  Pumps had problems causing the advent of V.  He
> believes they finally changed it back, making R more useable for pumps again. 
> The same thing happened with H. The first pumps that used H, and those that
> used had H manufactured during the correct time frame, had no problems.  The H
> made during the wrong period had site problems and blocking.  He said that the
> new batches no longer have the problem(s).

I'd question his sources of information.  Generally a change in formulation 
requires a whole new set of trials and approvals.  I've been using H since it 
came out and haven't had any problems...
Randall P. Winchester
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