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Re: [IP] Bill of Rights/ Getting UGLY AT SCHOOL~~~


	Does you daughter's school not have a regular nurse to monitor medicine and
medical equipment. I am a teacher and we have a full time nurse at our school
to handle such things.  I've taught 3 diabetic students now and all they need
do is ask to test their blood and I send them up with another student In case
they get into trouble.  I also mentor diabetic children on our campus.  If
your child has medical need to have this equipment on campus, then the school
is supposed to PAY for a nurse to monitor and supervise these children.  I
would contact the superintendent of your district and tell him that your
child's medical needs are not adequately being served by this principal and if
he doesn't want a lawsuit on his hands he'd better amend this very quickly.
After all you have the right to request that your child's needs be served.
Let me Know what happens ~DD
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