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Re: [IP] Sites wearing out

I began on H shortly after it first came out.  After a short time I began to have
problems with bad sites.  I eventually tried mixing, at least partly from seeing
it on this group.  Again, it worked for awhile and again led to site problems,
after which I returned to V.

I have returned to a doctor that I left (because of insurance).  He was (1 of 3)
recommended by the ADA when I first moved to town, 18 years ago.  He seems to
delve further into pumps, insulin, etc. and has more opinions than other doctors
I've had.  He claims that when the pump first came out that regular insulin worked
fine.  Lilly decided, without announcement, to change the buffering(?) formula for
R.  Pumps had problems causing the advent of V.  He believes they finally changed
it back, making R more useable for pumps again.  The same thing happened with H.
The first pumps that used H, and those that used had H manufactured during the
correct time frame, had no problems.  The H made during the wrong period had site
problems and blocking.  He said that the new batches no longer have the

I am back on H (2nd cartridge) and don't seem to be having the same problems with
the 'new formula' that I had in the past.

I had not seen this mentioned here, or anywhere else.  Is this true, likely or no
Jack Granowski
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