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[IP] RE: Ugly at school ?

    Maybe you should give some credit where credit is due? Don't you think
your daughter is capable of learning how to operate a combination lock? Hey,
we all know how hard life is when you are "special" and we have all (most
all) learned how to cope with it. We are survivors and so will your
daughter. I understand what happens to a young'un when they crash and don't
know who they are much less what the combination to a lock is.
    Get her a Craftsman tool box like a #6500 with a Master combination lock
that used to have a key access on the rear of the lock. This will allow you
and the teacher to have a key in the event she has a crash. She can keep all
of her necessary supplies in the box without the fear of some little
scoundrel rummaging around in it at recess. The system stinks to say the
least but we still have to live by the rules. Most all of us want no special
treatment but we do have to cope. I think this will only make your daughter
stronger and even more special because of the fact she will be learning
responsibilities the others will not have to learn until jr. high. This is
not the same world I had to cope with in 1959 when I was DX'ed but there
were things like this that we had to cope with and like I said before it
only makes us stronger. Just my .02 cents worth. I mean no disrespect here,
just want you to know some of us old guys have been there too, and survived.

Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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