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Re: [IP] Bill of Rights/ Getting UGLY AT SCHOOL~~~

email @ redacted wrote:
> The principal at my daughters school announced to me today that he has decided
> that she CAN keep her meter in the classroom but ONLY under lock and key.  >(snip)  by him conceding to
> keep it in the classroom he is looking out for her needs but also has a great
> concern for the liability of leaving equip like this around.

Aha! I think you've zeroed in on his real concern. It's LIABILITY!

I think you need to give him something in writing that assures him that
if the meter is stolen, the school will not be held responsible. If you
want your daughter to have free access to the meter, then that is a real

The other thing I think you  need to do is make sure he knows that all
used testing supplies are properly disposed of -- there is NO risk to
others of unused lancets,  there IS a liability issue if another child
sticks themself with one of your daughter's used ones. Butbut understand
that even if another child sticks themselves with a CLEAN lancet, there
is STILL the risk of another parent suing you.  

So if your daughter needs to test herself during class, then there
should be an established and safe procedure for disposing of the used
lancet and strip. In addition, you need to legally absolve the school of
ALL responsibility for "accidents". If you can get your principal to
understand THAT, then I think you might win your battle.

Good luck!

Good luck!!!! 

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