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Re: [IP] response-- a ltr. to myself

On 14 Dec 98 at 14:54, Emily Miggins wrote:

> But in the same vain I am not allowed to mess up.  There is no room for
> error as far as he is concerned.  Carol is right.  He needs room for slack.

But it's not a prescise control/feedback/response mechanism.  You always "mess 
up" - either too much insulin or not enough food, or you mispredict the future 
activity level, or something happens that you didn't plan for...  you're always 
trying to correct for whatever errors crept in to the last hour and what is 
lurking around the corner.  If it wasn't this way we could all have a list of 
things to do and keep our bg at a perfect 100 continously.  Unfortunately we 
don't have perfect tools, only very imperfect approximations.   Even if you do 
everything right, sometimes it will all go wrong.  That's life.  There has to 
be room for error because we usually aren't even sure what error is...

Randall P. Winchester
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