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Re: [IP] Wow- Dan responds to a ltr. to myself

On 14 Dec 98 at 14:57, Emily Miggins wrote:

> After that night I learned a very valuable lesson:
>  exercise + no food = coma. Simple.
> After seeing Dr. Masharani with Emily a few weeks later, he said that she
> wouldn't ever have a low again under his care. But he can only advise, Emily
> has to do it.
> So it happens again. Why? Simple (see equation above), too much exercise, not
> enough food. Why did this happen? Can only think of three reasons:
> 1) Too stupid to understand equation above
> 2) Let's herself go low on purpose for the attention (subconsciously)
> 3) Doesn't care
> Any of the above would be unacceptable to me. So what gives? No idea, but must
> understand.

The equation isn't that simple though.  Sometimes it is as follows:

no exercise + no food = coma (low bg)
exercise + food + weird diabetes effect = coma

Sometimes it's just

weird diabetes effect + zero times whatever else you throw in = problem event

where problem event may be a high or low bg...

I've had insulin reactions immediately after a high carbohydrate meal.  
Sometimes it just happens.  The key is to try to figure out what might have 
been the cause.... like any or all of these:

wrong timing for insulin
wrong timing for food
mis-estimate of food
mis-estimate of activity level
phase of the moon
what kind of activity level you had in the previous 24 hours
what you ate between meals
stress level
time of day

The key thing is that most of us who are attempting tight control have to 
constantly be aware of those hundreds of little things that "normal" people 
take for granted.  It's often tiring, hard and difficult work. The only reward 
is that sometimes it works and you can keep your bg levels in the target range. 
Often you find yourself trying to figure out why you are outside of the target 
even though you do everything right.   That causes frustration, raises the 
stress level and off you go again....

Randall P. Winchester
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* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 
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