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[IP] Bill of Rights/ Getting UGLY AT SCHOOL~~~

The principal at my daughters school announced to me today that he has decided
that she CAN keep her meter in the classroom but ONLY under lock and key.  He
is not comfortable with a lock that has a key in it because she might lose it
and then another child could access it.  He suggested a combination lock and I
said "good grief she is only 8 and if if her blood sugar is in the 40 range
how in the world could she manage to do a combination lock?"  He said that is
MY problem not his and i need to take care of it but that by him conceding to
keep it in the classroom he is looking out for her needs but also has a great
concern for the liability of leaving equip like this around.  

I suggested keeping it in the teachers desk but that is not secure enough for
him.  I even offered to buy some type of box to keep all of her supplies,
glucose, juice, etc in but that wasn't acceptable unless it can be padlocked
shut.  I hate to give her a key because then what if it is lost and she can't
get into check.  the combination lock route most likely wont work either.

Why can't she just be allowed to just go check and take care of her business
and sit back down without it becoming an ordeal?  I am so frustrated now that
I want to cry.  I feel like I am always fighting for her rights and it gets
tiresome after a while.  I know I have touched on this topic before but does
anyone have any suggestions that he might go for.

Thanks,   Sherri
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