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Re: [IP] Bubbles at a bad sites and Silhouette priming

At 04:33 AM 12/15/1998  Ted Quick wrote:
>Yes, but that isn't what was under discussion. The issue was how much
>insulin do we pump into the canula that is IN you when you initiate it,
>after removing the introducer needle. Two operations there, priming the
>tubing, then priming a brand new, just emplaced, canuala base.

Yes, there are two separate priming steps. I never prime the tubing with an
exact amount, since it seems to vary widely each time. I just keep priming
until insulin seems to be flowing smoothly from the needle (anywhere
between 1.5u to 3.5u). Then, I hook up and prime the canula.

Although the instructions say to use 0.8u for the Silhouette canula prime,
I always use no less than 1u. Even then, I often go a little high after a
set change. Although, part of the high after changing sets could come from
being off the pump for a little while, I usually try to compensate for this
by adding an extra amount to the 1u canula prime. So, I'm not sure this is
the reason. Another reason may come from the site... it sometimes seems to
take a little time before it starts working efficiently. I don't think it
comes from bubbles in the tubing, since I tend to check that pretty well
before hooking up. Some people have a lot of anxiety about changing sets
and obviously this will affect the BG levels too. However, changing sets
doesn't really bother me at all, so I don't think this is the reason why I
sometimes get highs after a switch.

We've discussed this before, and I'm not sure that we've come up with a
real definitive answer. But then, this is one of those YMMV situations. 


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