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[IP] U 500 Insulin

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with U 500 insulin. My
doctor is thinking of putting me on it (probably diluted to U 200
concentration), because I'm currently pumping around 300 units of U 100
Humalog a day (10 vials a month !!!). I have to change my reservoir every
day, which is a real pain. Also, when I do change it, there is very little
(maybe 20-30 units) left in the reservoir. As you may imagine, this doesn't
give me the warm and fuzzies !

My questions are:

- Is Lilly the only company in the US that sells U 500 insulin ?
- I have only heard of Regular U 500, not Humalog U 500. Does the latter
exist ?
- How long has U 500 insulin been available ?
- Any problems with it ?
- What do you dilute it with ?
- My insurance company is currently paying for 10 vials of Humalog, which is
more expensive than the U 500 would be. Any reason why they may refuse to
pay for U 500 ? 

I would appreciate any information on this.

Thanks :-)


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