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[IP] MM-no delivery alarm

Got a question...has anyone using the Sils ever tried disconnecting and
injecting a little air into the canula to dislodge a blockage when you
get a No Delivery alarm?  I was really tempted to do that this morning,
but wasn't sure if it was safe to do so.

I had to change out Kayla's site at bedtime again last night(unexplained
highs in the pm) and I bolused 0.9 units for the high.  She awoke with a
113 bg, so I know it was delivering through the night.  But when I gave
her breakfast bolus (1.2u), it sounded a No Delivery alarm after 0.6
units.  I checked the tubing, insulin was coming out of the end.  Tried
massaging the site and re-bolusing the remaining 0.6 units.  Got the
alarm again after only 0.2 units.  So the site was blocked (I guess). 
Had to change the site AGAIN!  That's the 4th time in 4 days that I've
had to change her site.  Her poor stomach looks awful and she's so small
that there aren't that many good spots to begin with.  I'm running out
of surface area and I'm tired (and so is she) of so many set changes in
such a short amount of time.

I was ready to chuck that pump off the balcony!  Anyway, does anyone
know if injecting a small amount of air to try and dislodge a blockage
is unsafe?

Kayla's mom
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