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Re: [IP] Bubbles at a bad sites and Silhouette priming

lisa ann wrote:
> i always set the prime for 1.2 or until i see a bead of insulin at the tip
> of the cannula.  you never know what amt. will get the arm secure against
> the syringe, so i always allow for that contact then wait for the bead to
> appear and i know i'm clear...

> Subject: Re: [IP] Bubbles at a bad sites and Silhouette priming
> >I use a Silouette and I use .5u to prime the cannula.  That seems to work
> >for me.
> >Have had no problems.

Yes, but that isn't what was under discussion. The issue was how much
insulin do we pump into the canula that is IN you when you initiate it,
after removing the introducer needle. Two operations there, priming the
tubing, then priming a brand new, just emplaced, canuala base.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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