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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself


I have had the same type of experience as you.  I finally realized that
managing diabetes is not an exact science.  It is very difficult to
artificially maintain the body's equilibrium.  And, even with all of our
technology we are still going to experience problems with hi's and low's.   

I have had low's were I have reluctantly administered or waited too long to
take a sugar pill because I was so afraid of overshooting and going too hi
again.  Please don't think of yourself as stupid.  The mere fact that you are
testing at all means you care.  I knew of someone who never tested, drank
regular soda and maintained a poor diet (all the time).  He ended up blind,
had kidney failure and is not dead.  We're not  perfect (by far) and it is a
tremendous load to manage diabetes on top of  the regular problem we have with

I very much resent some peoples reactions to some of the problems I've faced.
Like:  "How could you let yourself go low, what's wrong with you"? or "I'm not
going to be around if you can't control these insulin problems of yours"?

I can only guess that they react that way out of fear.  Fear of not being able
to help or  fear of being out of control.  However, I think your partner needs
to understand the complications of dealing with diabetes.  The intensive
course in PUMP THERAPY is a great idea! I'm sure you'll pick up on something
that will change the way you manage your diabetes.  It's all a learning
process and sometimes we do great on tests, while other times we fail.  But at
the very least we learn how to avoid that failure again.

Good Luck!
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