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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself


> I just assume I should go hard at myself,
> and let him kick me harder and harder if
> he wants.  I assume that this is what I
> deserve.  But is it?

Absolutely not!

If only bg movement always followed nice rules.
I would be suprised if anyone with dm for more
than a couple of years can't tell of a scary,
embarrassing incident with a hypo.  I certainly
can.  My take is I do the best I can today and
try (don't always succeed) to accept that there
are factor's I can't always see that affect bgs.
I also try to be understanding when today's best
isn't as good as yesterday's or tomorrow's best.

> He cannot stand that I don't write my numbers in
> a daily log with regularity.  I test 4 times a day
> as my numb, hole riden fingers are evidence of, I
> just hate recording.

Logging is a royal pain.  I am really good when bgs
aren't behaving, but slack off when things are going
pretty good.

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