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Re: [IP] dan the dick

Hey Sara, I am with you...  I took what Dan said in a really bad way, don't
know of any other way to have taken it.  To bad I am not Emily cause I have a
few choice words for him myself...  I wonder if this holy uncle of his has
never had a reaction???  Maybe he should call him, cause I am sure he has...
Every diabetic has experienced one, or should I say numerous ones...  Maybe he
just doesn't share that aspect of his life with Dan the man.  This whole house
thing too, if he cares for her so much, why didn't he go to Taco Bell and get
her a Taco?  I am sure between the 2 of them they could scrounge up $.69...
Any way love isn't criticism, love is understanding, patient and kind...  Yes,
it is her disease, but if he is a part of her life, then its his disease to.
You don't just leave someone dying on the side of the road if you can help.  I
don't know from what I can tell maybe Dan would.  My $.02 worth, and that's
all it is...
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