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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself


Indeed, it takes a special person to live with and love a persons with
DM.  And there are also many good ones out there!

When I was getting to know my (now) husband some years ago before we
were married, I had lots of severe hypo's.  At first he got angry at me
during after these episodes.  As it turned out, he was scared to death
when these occurred, and also did not have the confidence to help me
deal with them.  I was very hurt at the time as a result.  Over time,
this is no longer the case.  He is more knowledgeable and confident in
how to deal with these situations.  They do happen less often now that I
am pumping, but I know (and so does he) that these are often an
inevitable part of having Type 1, unfortunately.

So, having your boyfriend attend with you the education classes might be
helpful, *if* he is motivated and interested.  Those education classes
will not bring him around to being more kind to you if he does not feel
this is worthwhile.  I agree with some others, that this may be an
indicator how he deals with new and stressful situations, so it is
something to watch and consider when looking at someone longterm in your

We've all been there, and we all deserve accolades for the work we do to
carry on with life, with all the complexities that DM throws at us!


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