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[IP] Motivated Pumpers

> Being pumpers, I feel that we are all in the "more
> motivated" end of the diabetic distribution.  We are taking
> as much of an active hand in our care as possible.  
Ok, all you motivated pumpers.

As the list membership creeps up just shy of 800, we have only 170 
members who have filled out the Insulin Pumpers Information Form.

This information provides valuable information to help every pumper, 
every wannabe pumper and the public at large understand some of the 
details ABOUT DIABETES & PUMPING INSULIN. Take another look at the 
ABOUT page of the web site, upper LEFT button on the main page at


This database also maintains the OVER 24,900 club listing.

Please add your information to the database if you have not already 
done so. Much of the information has not yet been analyzed or 
presented on the about page, but it will be as time permits. The 
database has great value for all of us, please help by building it 
and keeping it up to date.

AND, get your own dot on the map!!!! Do we have any pumpers from 
Alaska or Puerto Rico??

Have questions??? ASK:



Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/