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[IP] dan the dick

i have his voice mail number...can I call him? I have a few choice words to
describe his sense of control over you and the perfection he deserves of
another human being, who is already doing a damn fine job...the pursuit of
excellence is noble and worthwhile; the pursuit of perfection is a waste of
time...but I can say that in simpler terms that this bone head might be able
to comprehend.

Emily - you are smart, assertive, independent...if this one loves you, so will
another one,and maybe he wont expect you to be god...tell him not to let the
door hit him on the way out.

Honestly, though, since I have never had an episode like this in 24  years, I
can't imagine the loss of control you must feel, and how helpless it must make
you...They have said it before, but test as often as you can, and despite what
Dan says, every 10 minutes is a little over kill - woldn't you prefer to LIVE
your life instead of BE a "diabetic" all day long?  I would

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