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Re: [IP] Wow- Dan responds to a ltr. to myself

Dan wrote "So it happens again. Why? Simple (see equation above), too much
not enough food. Why did this happen? Can only think of three reasons:

1) Too stupid to understand equation above
2) Let's herself go low on purpose for the attention (subconsciously)
3) Doesn't care"

Wouldn't it be nice if things were really that simple!  Many of us were raised
in times when many doctors thought they were (and I believe some still do) and
might react just a bit defensively to such statements.  I hope Dan can get
education that will emphasize the complexity of the disease (for this incident
sounded like it actually didn't fit his equation very well anyway).  But even
if the disease did fit his equation, it sounds like he isn't too tolerant of
human frailties -- and he can't realistically expect Emily to be perfect, and
it's not going to help her any to expect it of herself.
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